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Clubs & Organizations

To find out how you or your child may get involved with any of these clubs, organizations, or programs, please contact the school office. Our office staff will be happy to assist or direct you.
BARK Celebration

To promote excellent school behavior, Highland Springs Scotties are reminded of our school BARK rules each day. At the end of each nine-weeks, students who have not had any office referrals attend a BARK Celebration. During a two-hour window, students travel with classmates to other teacher’s classrooms for movies, snacks, games, dancing, and more.


The Student Council Association (SCA) is comprised of a select group of  4th and 5th grade students. Nominated by their peers and chosen by teachers, these students help build a sense of school spirit and enthusiasm for our school. Working closely with the school PTA, BARK team, teachers, and parents to plan events and fundraisers, these students model excellent citizenship for students at our school each day.